Tim and Nick, in the studio 1987

Tim and Nick, in the studio 1987

Martin J40 6-string, Vega Pete Seeger longneck banjo, Guild F-512 12-string

Like Bob Shane and Dave Guard, Tim was born in Hawaii.  Dad was an Air Force pilot and the family lived all over the United States.  Ask Tim and he'll tell you, "This whole country is my home town!

Tim started playing woodwinds in high school and ended up serving in US Army Headquarters bands in San Francisco and Stuttgart, Germany. Music was in his family heritage. His father was from Honolulu and was a terrific ukelele player.  Mom was a California girl who was prone to bursting into song around the house...

Tim has played in folk and bluegrass groups in Northern California and Nevada for years. A seasoned singer/songwriter, he wrote “Colorado Sun,” which climbed to number 11 in the regional western US. 

His heroes include, Pete Seeger, John Stewart and Tom Paxton.  Tim is one of the very few musicians outside the Kingston Trio that Nick Reynolds ever recorded with.  

Tim's main goal is to ensure that the group's music remains true to its original intentions. He's the Trio's Chief Musical Director, arranger, and cat wrangler .