A three part harmony

The First Generation. Birth of a Genre.

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Dave Guard / Bob Shane / Nick Reynolds


Our story begins with Nick Reynolds who, along with Bob Shane and Dave Guard, founded this iconic San Francisco folk group in 1955. Through talent and tenacity they rose to become the undisputed kings of the acoustic musical genre that exploded onto the American scene.

From the late '50's through the early '60's they dominated the creation and artistic exploration of folk music. Indeed, in 1958 the Kingston Trio took home the first Grammy ever awarded to a country group. 

One year later, they were honored with a second Grammy, this time as a folk group.  In truth, they never classified themselves as either, but more as a musical and vocal group that performed a variety of styles. Audiences worldwide agreed.

Recently, the Kingston Trio received the "Grand Grammy" of Grammys--The Lifetime Achievement Award. Reserved for those select few who have attained spectacular success in the music business over an extended career, this honor places the Trio among the heady pantheon of names like Frank Sinatra, Charlie Parker and The Beatles.

It's no exaggeration to say these three guys redefined the landscape of popular music in America and eventually the world, creating a demand for folk where none had existed before. Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and Dave Guard literally morphed into a cultural phenomenon. With their signature striped shirts, banjos, bongos, guitars and charismatic personalities, they became the most outstanding singing and recording act of their time. 

Consider: they set debut albums sales record that remained unbeaten for five decades until a young woman came along named Beyonce.

The Second Generation. Maintaining a Presence.

 Bob Shane / John Stewart / Nick Reynolds

Bob Shane / John Stewart / Nick Reynolds

Bob Shane and Nick Reynolds kept the Kingston Trio alive from 1961 thru 1967 by teaming with gifted musicians. Probably most notable was the transition from Dave Guard to legendary singer-songwriter John Stewart in 1961.

The Reynolds, Shane, Stewart combo offered more of an Americana twist and scored early successes with their next seven albums making it to Billboard's Top Ten, but times, trends and tastes change. Ensuing years saw pop-folk music drowned out by The British Invasion and the ever changing soundscape of rock. For all its twists & turns and ups & downs, The Kingston Trio vibe has managed to endure for decades, while countless other groups from the era have gone "blowing in the wind." 

And now it's about to get loud again.

The Kingston Trio.  The Heirs Apparent.

 Tim Gorelangton / Mike Marvin / Josh Reynolds

Tim Gorelangton / Mike Marvin / Josh Reynolds

From day one, there were three young kids literally growing up at the elbows of The Kingston Trio: Josh Reynolds, the son (and doppelgånger) of Nick Reynolds. Mike Marvin, Josh’s cousin and “adopted” son of Nick. And Tim Gorelangton, Josh & Mike's lifetime friend and one of the only people outside the Kingston Trio with whom Nick Reynolds ever recorded.

These “Sons of Nick” went on to pursue different successful careers but always remained close, playing and singing the Trio collection whenever they could. Josh became recognized as one of the world’s leading commercial producers. Mike became a Hollywood writer/director/producer as well as a contemporary painter. Tim followed his musical destiny performing his music as well as with Mike in The Manzanita Jungle in the ’70’s. John Stewart, Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie song catalogs are a major part of Tim’s repertoire.

The three worked hard to balance their music and professional careers while also raising families. The unspoken hope was to someday re-unite and carry the Kingston Trio legacy to a new level. That time has come. With the rising resurgence of folk music and the Kingston Trio brand now secure in their rightful hands, Josh, Mike & Tim are able to return full-time to their first love---folk music. They have emerged onto today's music scene as The Kingston Trio 3.0. No mere tribute band, but a true musical heritage continued. Complete with striped shirts and genes.

Within this new group thrives the lively joy of music performance and infectious humor that won over audiences throughout the world. A Trio concert was one of the all-time great live show experiences, and these three disciples are following in their very large footsteps. 

If you were lucky enough to have seen or heard the original Kingston Trio in the 1950’s and ‘60's, come now and experience some classic moments of Déjà-vu that you'll always treasure. Or, if you were never able--or just not around--to see what all the commotion was about back then, here's your chance to come experience a hand-clapping, sing-along, modern day version of the Kingston Trio sensation in person.

 Mike Marvin / Josh Reynolds / Tim Gorelangton

Mike Marvin / Josh Reynolds / Tim Gorelangton

                                                                                                                                                       Tim, Mike & Josh                                                                                                                                                       ~ The Kingston Trio

                                                                                                                                                      Tim, Mike & Josh

                                                                                                                                                     ~ The Kingston Trio